Your advertising Campaign will be the difference between a park that

floats or sinks. A good business has a great campaign strategy to get their name and their business to the consumer.

For the campaign of your project:Choose 2 of your three advertising solutions to make for your park. The choices below will lead to pages and documents for that particular project. Use the Table of contents on the right to navigate to your selected advertising items.

Business card-

Social media

Fakebook Page
Task: Create a "fakebook" page for your park. Include postings, pictures, friends, and other posts that would be used to reflect a social media page.

Online Ads

Task: Find images for your park online. Then create a picture reel slideshow describing your park using iPhoto. Each picture must have a caption/description underneath written in complete sentences.


Task: Create an 8 x 10 poster advertisement for your park.


Task: Create a 30 second commercial for your park using iMovie.
Help videos on using iMovie:


Radio Ads

Task: Create a 30 second radio ad for your park using Garage Band
Help videos on using Garage band:



Task: Pick a famous athlete to represent your park. Include a short biography/fact sheet on this athlete and why it would entice people to come to your park. Sell it!
Sample: Using a Newsletter Template

Big Event

Task: Create an e-vite event for your park. Include what is happening at your event that day. This can be used to bring customers to your park.