How do I use Google Sketchup to Understand Area?
1. If you are a bit hazy on the concept of area, check out this site for the idea of area. area lesson
2. Here is a video link as well if you prefer video walkthrough of the concept of area- area video

To access formulas for area click on the formula's page.

4. IRREGULAR SHAPES- Most buildings made today have rooms that are NOT made as regular shapes. Closets, classrooms, offices, hallways, and bathrooms aren't made in the shapes of triangles, squares, and rectangles. How do we find the area of such rooms or shapes? Take the example below into account. It is a blueprint of a persons kitchen.


5. Could you find the area of this room by just using a rectangle formula? There is no formula for this type of figure. We need to think of a strategy... Let's break it up into parts to solve.


6. To find the total area of the room, I broke up the room into two shapes: Shape L, and Shape X. Find the area of these 2 rectangles and show work on a sheet of paper.

7. Add both measurements together to find the total area of the kitchen. Make sure you use sq. ft.

8. What about this room? use your knowledge of are to find the area of the room. Write your answer in number 10 in your activity sheet.