Design a Park Project:

Powered by Discovery: United Streaming and Google Sketch Up

Dear Architect,
The Pequea Valley School board has approved a Park for your school.

Will it be a Golf Course?
Mini Golf course on "Sketch Up"

A Skatepark?
external image skate-park-plan.jpg

A Water park?
external image exterior.jpg

The best proposal and budget will win the bid. Your job for this project is to create a Park with a name, three elements drawn on google Sketchup, and one scale model of one of those elements. Following that you will complete activities and engage in scenarios that will force you to make critical decisions for your park and its future. You will then propose your park to the board. You will be using computers to blog about your progress, communicate with group members, research mathematical concepts, and create an advertising campaign for your park.
Mitchell F. Swords
Project Manager/Foreman
Swords Edge Const. Inc.

What Type of Park will you build???

One for the Family?external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT3Zpu3572a8ZD4MOZOMMqYMf_WDVktBJ7fZGHeRjmzOfkhwLro

One for the Teens?external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR0MwHDYFgPw9gVpOyx1NwK_XXgB6FhoGfWBUsoa7srmzhYFErrWQ

One for the Elderly?
external image _63445383_99965590.jpg

Your decisions on your Pro Shop, Design, and marketing will reflect the customers you wish to attract.


The Skatepark?
The Water Park?

The Mini Golf Course?

bypass link to business start up- business start up edcanvas

Ethics, Rules, and Expectations While online:

1. Be Respectful- this site is meant to be used to talk to other contractors on the Design a Park Project. Write respectful posts and comments that reflect the nature of this project.
2. Be Responsible- You know what you should be doing during class. If not, ask a teacher or a friend. Do not be the guy that I catch being off-task. No excuses.
3. Be Positive- When giving feedback, posting, commenting, adding links, and adding images, be positive. This is a privilege- not a right.
3. Be Resourceful- When you or your partner do not know the answer to how you do something, follow the "How to Links" to videos and resources to content that you may need. Don't know multiplying decimals... It's there. Don't know area formulas?... It's there. If it is not there, you may ask another group, or ask a teacher and they will be happy to find a way that you can learn the information.
4. Be creative, unique, and informative- Do not simply comment by saying- "Yeah, me too!" This helps nobody! Make sure that you add some feedback that can be used to help the other contractors.Also try to be unique in your designs, links, posts, and the like.
~~Any disrespectful postings, removal of Manager added Content, or unresponsible behavior while on this site will cause the contributer to be blocked from the site and removed from the Contractor bidding (kicked out of the project and forced to do the boring stuff- worksheets worksheets worksheets). Other ramifications may apply if be