AREA- The formulas for area are used when don't want to find the space of a 2-dimensional surface.

This could be the top of a grinding box, the side of a half pipe, or the top surface of a cylinder.
Here are formulas for when you need to find the AREA of regular figures.


ALL AREA FORMULA UNITS ARE WRITTEN IN "Units (ft, in, etc...) squared".

VOLUME- When you are looking to find the SPACE that an object on your skatepark takes up,
you are looking for the VOLUME of an object. Here are the formulas for some figures you may encounter in your skatepark.

ALL AREA FORMULA UNITS ARE WRITTEN IN "Units (ft, in, etc...) squared"


Rigth Circular Cylinder formula: V = pi * r² * h !
SURFACE AREA- if you plan on trying to find out how much paint you need to paint your transfer, or how many sq. feet of advertising you have on your half pipe, than you are thinking about SURFACE area. Think of a cereal box, where you only have the outside of the box to put designs and colors. Here are the formulas for surface area.