We will be investigating Perimeter using Google Sketch-up. If you are a bit hazy on perimeter, follow this link for a video tutorial. Perimeter video

Understanding Perimeter Tutorial

By now there are some things you may have tinkered around with and some legitimate designs for the park. Find a face that is NOT a regular shape (not just a rectangle, square, triangle, etc...). If you do not have one, make it using the toolbar and type in measurements. Mine is below.

If you want to learn how to make EXACT measurements in Google Sketch up, watch the video: Exact measurements

4. After you have found it, use the measuring tool to click and drag on the edges of your selected face. This will give you the measurements of each edge. Draw an accurate sketch of the geometric face in the box under Question 2 in your packet. As your measure each line, add the edge measurements into your packet.

6. Next, look at the shape below.
2 lengths are missing. If the basic length and width are 15' by 8', how do I find the missing lengths?

7. As you can see, two of the lengths are missing. Write and use your understanding of perimeter to find out what the two lengths are. Not sure how to find the missing lengths? Watch this video.

8. After you find out the lengths, check with a teacher.